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Goodnight, Leena…. Sleep Tight
A Doorway to Dialogue on Sleep

Can’t get your kids to sleep on time? Students falling asleep in class? This is a remarkable story to help parents ingrain healthy sleep habits in their children. It is an entertaining and informative story that incorporates science to teach children why sleep is so vital for their physical and mental health.

Leena never goes to sleep on time, so she never gets enough sleep. Why sleep when she could play her cool new video game instead? Interestingly enough, the main topic for this week in her class is on the science of sleep.

Leena learns about the scientific knowledge related to sleep, yet she continues to play her video games and talk on the phone late into the night. She never feels rested and excited to start her day.

As she goes through her days feeling crabby and tired, will Leena finally uncover the secret of a good night’s sleep?

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Goodnight, Leena is an innovative and endearing book that empowers kids to understand that getting the proper sleep impacts their daily life, and ultimately their future well-being. Getting enough sleep is a vital component of good health for children, and I highly recommend this book to teachers and parents to bring the subject of sleep to light. The story is entertaining, and the illustrations are excellent. This first edition is a fantastic start to the Be Well Children’s Books series. I highly recommend it.”

— Jack Canfield, Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, The Success Principles™,
and I Can Believe in Myself

“What an insightful evidence-based illustration of a prevalent problem every household faces today, especially in our zoom-filled pandemic world. Not only is it based on current research for sleep benefits and underlying mechanisms, it also documents a journey for children to identify with.  My daughter and I both loved reading it and highly recommend it. Congrats to the Grewal mother- daughter team for bringing such an important issue to light.”

— Maheen Mausoof Adamson, Ph.D. Neuroscientist
Clinical Associate Professor Neurosurgery, Stanford School of Medicine

Clinical Research Scientific Director, Rehabilitation Service
VA Palo Alto Health Care System

“As an educator with 30 years of experience teaching children of all ages and abilities, it is great to see a book about sleep included in a Be Well children’s book series. “Goodnight Leena, Sleep Tight” is a well-written, beautifully illustrated book that helps parents teach their children the importance of sleep. I know from personal experience a well-rested student is generally more successful at learning and getting along with others both in and out of the classroom. Baldev and Harlene Grewal’s enjoyable and informative book about sleep would make a great bedtime story. It could ultimately help bedtime routine go a little smoother for both parents and children.”

— Carolyn Rose Bugden, Educator
Bachelor of Child Study, M Ed

“Goodnight, Leena is an entertaining and beautifully illustrated book to help children understand and value the importance of sleep, an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Good sleeping habits need to be ingrained in children at a young age to create a strong foundation for their future well-being. This book is a great tool to help teachers and parents start a dialogue with children and instill good sleeping habits. My son and I both enjoyed reading it, and I recommend it to any parent who is having trouble getting their kid to sleep.”

— Nina Hansra, MD

This is an enjoyable book with an important message to share. Sleep is essential for our well-being. Happy to see a children’s book that addresses this topic in such an entertaining way. The story and the illustrations go hand in hand in making this book a must read! Well done!

— Miriam Laundry
Author, Speaker, Writing Mentor


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